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EaseWe MT4/MT5 Trade Copier - Instructions for Single PC Edition
Click here for online video tutorial.
1.Download and run the setup file:
2.Run "Installer.exe" to install Signal Provider/Receiver EA:
3.Double-click the master account on the "Installer" to keep it running after the Signal Provider has been installed.
The Signal Provider EA will be run on the first chart window of the mt4/5 terminal as below:
(For each account, there is only one Signal Provider EA need to be run on any chart window )

4.Double-Click the Slave Account on the installer to keep it running after the Signal Receiver EA has been installed.
5.Place a new order on master account, it will be sent to all slave accounts immediately:
6.A new order will be copied to all slave accounts soon after an order is placed on master account:
If there is any question,please feel free to contact us !
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