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Support Center
Customers' satisfaction is the best gift for us. We would like to try our best to provide you with the best product and service. We promise that we will deal with emails within 1 business day after receiving them. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.
Frequent Questions:
How to hide/show MT4 trading software? Back to top

Please click the price bar to hide/show MT4 trading software.

How to pop up the price float window? Back to top
Click the header of currency column in price bar,it will popup up a float price window.
How to configure alerts settings? Back to top

This program can alert you with voice or tray message when the price reach a predefined level.
What is Additional License? Back to top
"Additional License" allow registered users to use the software on other computer. For example:If you have three computers,you need to buy one "New License" and two "Additional License".
What should I do after submitting the order? Back to top

Please send us the "Product Code" of the application.
You can find it in "Register" dialog of the applcation.Such as below:

We will send the registration version to you within 24 hours after receiving the product code.

How do I do if the licensed computer is broken? Back to top
You need to purchase an Additional License to use the software in new computer.
Is tech support free? Back to top
Yes! It's free for all.
Do I have to pay for the upgrades? Back to top
No! All upgrades are free to our registered users.
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